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Burnout Bodyguard Program Registration Form

Welcome to Your Transformation: Secure Your Spot in Burnout Bodyguard!

You're on the brink of a powerful shift, a journey towards reclaiming your time, energy, and joy. The Black Women's Wellness Collective invites you to take the final step in joining Burnout Bodyguard, our signature program is meticulously crafted for Black women professionals and entrepreneurs like you, who are ready to break free from the chains of burnout, stress, and overwhelm.

What motivated you to join the Burnout Bodyguard Program?
On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your overall well-being before joining the program?

Burnout Bodyguard Program Tiers

Burnout Bodyguard Program Offerings

Recap of What You'll Receive*:

- Daily Inspiration and Self-Care Prompts: Start each day with purpose and peace.

- Group Coaching: Gain insights and strategies from experts who understand your journey.

- Training Sessions: Equip yourself with the tools to manage stress and enhance your well-being.

- Supportive Community: Join a sisterhood of Black women committed to each other's success.

*Based on the tier you select.

Your journey to a balanced, joyful life starts here. Secure your spot in Burnout Bodyguard and transform stress into success.

Exclusive Bonus: Act now before July 8 at 11:59 PM and secure a personalized 30-minute coaching call plus your customized self-care plan, designed to kickstart your journey with individualized support.

Consent to Follow-Up
Yes, I agree to be contacted after the challenge for feedback on my progress towards my goals.
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